From Perl To Python

"Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning, and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we're looking for more people with skills in this language." said Peter Norvig, director of search quality at Google, Inc.

i finally decided to switch from Perl to Python, i'm not a Perl guru but in my projects i'd like to use perl to process huge datasets to make them ready for statistical analysis.  As a example, given a pcap file, we can extract many useful information for intrusion detection such as source and destination pairs, so i used perl intensively especially when i need to extract a certain pattern (regular expressions).

i realized that research community and in job market Python gets more common (based on experiences of my  recently graduated friends).

i'll try to learn  Python basics in a week, then more complicated topics will be covered. Following topics are from Byte of Python which is a free Python book for completely beginners.

1. → Translations
2. → Preface
3. → Introduction
4. → Installation
5. → First Steps
6. → Basics
7. → Operators and Expressions
8. → Control Flow
9. → Functions

10. → Modules
11. → Data Structures
12. → Problem Solving

13. → Object Oriented Programming
14. → Input Output
15. → Exceptions
16. → Standard Library

17. → More
18. → What Next
19. → Appendix: FLOSS
20. → Appendix: About
21. → Appendix: Revision History

Post Series:Mostly post series include useful blogs or link to the tutorial.

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