Friday, August 10, 2012

Switching From Perl to Python, Step 1 Which IDE to use for Python programming ?

 Python 2.x is the status quo, Python 3.x is the present and future of the language (

i followed the instruction from vogella, however instead of installing python 2.7 directly from official python web page, i installed from enthought academic version which includes the numpy, Scipy and matplotlib. These modules will be useful when we start programming,
i do not give details for now.

Academic versions of Enthought:
Students or employees from degree-granting institutions may use these installations for an extended period free of cost.

After installing Eclipse and configuration of PyDev , i guess i'm ready for Python. Actually, i'd like to use netbeans instead but netbeans does not have python support after 7.0 versions.

Some experiments to be sure that everything works smoothly:

1-First (little) Python module (from vogella)

2- First (little)NumPy module
3-Scipy and Matplotlib module

Code is from oneau

Ok. then i'm ready for Night 1 for tomorrow:

1. → Translations
2. → Preface
3. → Introduction
4. → Installation
5. → First Steps
6. → Basics
7. → Operators and Expressions
8. → Control Flow
9. → Functions

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