Success in life is a matter not so much of talent and opportunity as of concentration and perseverance.
-- C. W. Wendte

  • My strength lies in the area of CN  with the emphasis on S and A. In that area I have more than T years professional experience.  
  • My focus strongly lies on the U. 
  • I have the most experience with J and then particularly N. I am highly familiar with N based development environments. 
  • I have worked closely with P, M and O  and with S. 
  • I have moderate experience with D, although I would prefer not to fulfill a D position.
i'm trying to find the answers of CN= S+A where U=J+N and J=(P+M+O+S)-D

People I Follow, Respect or Admire (These are people on web that I am influenced by. They educate me, inspire me...)

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