i'd like to share my work while i spent time understanding the following topics:
  • Definition and importance of Big O notation
    • linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, or logarithmic functions
  •  Dynamic Programming and why we need to use it 
    •  Recurrence Functions
    •  Recursion Tree
i will also post solutions of some interview questions about algorithms in order to make it easier to grasp abstract topics. All codes is written in Java, please notify me by commenting if you realize any errors in my posts.

Algorithm Question Series

Recently i start reading an informative blog which has a post series of 28 interview questions. The answers of these questions are very well explained and written in python.
i decided to reimplement some of them using Java programming language by splitting into following categories:
i use some of tools for testing, visualization of data structures and algorithms:
  • JHAV√Č is a java application that renders algorithm visualizations. Students explore algorithms by viewing visual representations of data, controlling movement and by responding to pop-up questions. We provide a large collection of free materials for students and faculty to use.